Hearty cookies baked with real kangaroo meat, and the traditional accompaniments of green peas and garden mint to give a roast dinner flavour. All natural, preservative free and human grade.


Whole oats and kibbled soy complete the cookies' full bodied texture. Kangaroo Cookies' less crunchy consistency is great for dogs of all sizes, they are quite a soft biscuit that breaks easily and is very high in flavour. Fussy dogs take a liking, and the mint can help those dogs with a slight breath problem.


The distinctive aroma and texture keep the dogs coming back for more. All natural ingredients include dried kangaroo meat, peas, oats, eggs, and mint. Remember to store in a sealed container once opened to keep that fresh Jollie aroma and crunchiness.

Kangaroo, Mushy Pea & Mint Cookies 200g Pouch

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