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In May 2013 Teddy, a Black Cavoodle, decided that he needed a new forever home and was adopted by Linna.  Being of French Poodle descent Teddy demanded only the very best treats.  None were to his liking until he discovered Jollie.  Teddy then persuaded Linna to buy the business in August 2013 and the rest, as they say, is history.   Teddy is firmly entrenched as CEO (Chief Eating Officer) and takes a personal interest in all of the products taste-testing each new batch and helping with new varieties and specials.  


Linna has always desired that dogs, being such an important part of the family, deserve the best nutrition possible.  Just like the best quality food improves one's quality of life and keeps fit and healthy.  Over the last 5 years, Teddy and Linna have continued to build the Jollie business keeping true to the core values of best quality, all-natural, only human-grade ingredients.  


Apart from continuing the tradition of the Carriageworks markets and will be found right in the middle of the great long hall each 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.  At Carriageworks Markets customers will also find from time to time special new products that are being trialed as well as freshly cooked meals for dogs, such as Turkey Meatloaf, with chicken liver, lots of vegetables, and eggs mostly sourced from other Carriageworks stallholders.  Most other weekends the Jollie Team will be at other dog events all over Sydney and beyond.


As Jollie reaches its 10th year of business Teddy is demanding that the business moves from strength to strength with recent exports to Korea and Taiwan giving dogs around the world the chance to enjoy the best treats on the planet.  


If you are wondering what is Teddy's absolute favorite it is the Honey Sesame Beef for Dogs, this pure 100% topside steak is low in fat, with a little bit of honey and sesame seeds and he enjoys nothing more than the challenge of getting it out of his Kong Toys.


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