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  • When is a good time for treats?
    Dogs just love treat time! Who doesn’t – they make us all feel fabulous! Treats are rewards and are a valuable incentive for training & encouraging good behaviour. They are also an important part of bonding between you and your dog... and remember a healthy dog is a happy dog which will bring you years of happiness and companionship’. (Visit Pet Food Institute) To be most effective it is also important to keep treats to no more than 10% of the dog’s diet and the giving of treats should be appropriate & a well deserved reward when your dog obeys a command or is just being good! Petalia has some great information on dog health, nutrition and treat time ideas – and it’s an Australian site!
  • Can dogs eat cranberries & nuts?
    Cranberries are ok for dogs although grapes and raisins are a not recommended. Excess consumption can cause ‘acute toxicity and kidney failure, which means the toxins ultimately increase to a fatal limit’. (Visit Dog Breed Info) Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs but other nuts including cashews & almonds are just fine if consumed moderately.
  • What kind of meat do you use in Jollie products?
    All the meat we use we source in Australia from HACCP approved suppliers. That means its all human grade. Plus, we only use choice cuts of beef. For the beef products, its real topside steak. It's all the same meat that humans would consume, not offal or off cuts.
  • Do you have wheat free treats? My dog is gluten/ grain intolerant.
    All our Fix range, Lamb Liver, and Honey Sesame Dried Beef for dogs are gluten free, grain free, and dairy free.
  • Do you have low fat treats?
    Our lowest in fat treats are Fish Fix and Roo Fix. Both are less than 1%. This makes them very suitable for dogs that are on a low-fat diet, for example, if they have pancreatitis or a sensitive stomach. All the nutritional analysis is on the back of each pack and if you have any questions about specific products please email us at
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