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Customers have long told us how irresistible these dried beef treats are for their beloved dogs. And why wouldn't they be? Made from 100% high-grade Australian Topside Beef (not liver) and cooked in our special honey & sesame marinade formulated especially for dogs. Premium gluten free treats for the most fussy dogs... or the most deserving!


The special marinade brings out a distinctive flavour in the meat that dogs adore and remember! The treats come in a stylish resealable 90g pouch now at a retail price of $17.95.

Sweet Honey & Sesame Dried Beef for Dogs 90g Pouch

SKU: 1043-T
  • 100% Dog Love Guarantee

    If your dog is not completely crazy about this product simply save the unused portion with proof of purhase and contact us. We'll gladly exchange the product or refund your money. 

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